A bitcoin mina de reciclagem de calor MintGreen fecha a rodada de sementes liderada pela CoinShares

A Coinshares está se unindo à MintGreen para reciclar os resíduos de calor da mineração Bitcoin.

A empresa de mineração de criptografia

A empresa de mineração de criptografia sustentável MintGreen completou sua rodada de investimentos em sementes, com a gerente de ativos digitais CoinShares liderando a rodada.

Uma parte dos fundos provavelmente será usada para apoiar dois projetos piloto destinados a mostrar como a tecnologia proprietária da MintGreen pode melhorar a eficiência energética da mineração Bitcoin.

A MintGreen tem dois projetos piloto programados para começar no próximo trimestre. O primeiro envolve a venda de resíduos de calor gerados pela mineração Bitcoin System para as instalações de sal marinho da Ilha de Vancouver, onde o calor é usado para ferver água e destilar flocos de sal.

O desperdício de calor também será reposto pela empresa canadense de uísque, Shelter Point Distillery, em seu processo de produção.

Um anúncio de 17 de março da CoinShares observa que as empresas trabalharão em conjunto para reciclar o desperdício de calor da mineração criptográfica em água quente e serviços de aquecimento – que serão vendidos a clientes industriais.

A percepção geral da mineração de Bitcoin

As empresas esperam que seus esforços possam mudar a percepção geral da mineração de Bitcoin como sendo desperdiçadora e ineficiente, com o post do blog afirmando:

„Estamos entusiasmados em trabalhar com a MintGreen, onde nos juntaremos à diretoria, e com os investidores que nos acompanham neste negócio para ajudar a transformar o cenário da mineração Bitcoin e sua imagem na grande mídia“.

A MintGreen é uma empresa canadense que constrói e opera sistemas imersivos de mineração Bitcoin com energia de fonte limpa.

A Bitcoin tem lutado há muito tempo para superar as percepções de ser altamente ineficiente em termos de energia, sendo que a maioria compara frequentemente o gasto de energia do setor de mineração com países inteiros.

No mês passado, a BBC informou que a mineração Bitcoin é mais intensiva em energia do que o país inteiro da Argentina, com Michel Rauchs, da Universidade de Cambridge, afirmando:

„É realmente por projeto que a Bitcoin consome tanta eletricidade“. Isto não é algo que vai mudar no futuro, a menos que o preço da Bitcoin desça significativamente“.

No entanto, a análise geral muitas vezes esquece o fato de que a maioria das minas de Bitcoin são alimentadas por energia renovável que, de outra forma, seria desperdiçada, o 3º Estudo de Benchmarking Global Cryptoasset da Universidade de Cambridge revelou que mais de três quartos dos mineiros utilizam fontes de energia renovável.

Bitcoin Bear Trapped? Bitcoin pushes higher – new all-time high possible on the weekend

Bitcoin price has now spent a total of nine days in a short-term uptrend that completes a rebound to the 2021 highs. The sequence of mostly green candles has now triggered and perfected a TD 9 sales setup on the daily timeframe.

However, the signal has repeatedly failed to produce results since the start of the more dominant uptrend in the high time frame. Is it different this time?

Or is this another bear trap embedded in a bull flag that could propel Bitcoin above $ 75,000 per coin? What does technical analysis say about it?

TD 9 sell setup perfected: bear trap or bull on guard?

Bitcoin is back near $ 40,000 and the highs it was traded earlier in the year, but the bulls still have hurdles to overcome before they can move to new highs. Sellers stepped on the scene for the first time since Black Thursday and caused a pit stop to consolidate.

However, even at these prices, there is a massive number of investors buying Crypto Combat Pro.

The leading cryptocurrency by market capitalization was able to complete a run for the top of the trading range, but has so far been held back by the resistance of $ 38,000. As BTC struggles with the resistance, not only has a TD 9 sell setup triggered, but the signal is now perfected too.

TD 9 sales setup triggers at the top of the bull flag channel | Source: BTCUSDT on TradingView.com
The TD Sequential indicator developed by Thomas Demark is used to time market tops and bottoms. It has worked like a charm for years at spotting trend reversals in cryptocurrencies. Traders who have since relied on the tool could take a short position based on the perfected setup.

Bitcoin bulls target $ 75,000 if the channel breaks out

The theory behind the tool is that after a sequence of price increases, the trend should approach a point of exhaustion and be near a point where a trend reversal is likely.

The problem for those who are bearish on Bitcoin or take short positions based on the indicator is that it has failed repeatedly since the $ 10,000 breakout and the only setup that has been „perfected“ is a bear trap.

The TD 9 sales setup appears at the top of a bull flag structure. If it’s valid and the pattern is confirmed with an upward breakout, the potential target could see the price per BTC soar up to $ 75,000 within weeks.

If the sell setup is in place instead, a fall to the bottom of the bull flag channel and a return to the lows of the area is possible.

Will the bears fall into the trap or will the trend change for now?

President Joe Biden and cryptocurrencies: what to know

Joseph Biden became president this Wednesday, January 20.

His administration is believed to be more pro-crypto than the previous one.

The main financial managers of his firm and of his congress have real experience of blockchain.

President Biden took office on Wednesday, January 20. What does his inauguration mean for the Crypto Revolt? Will his administration be blockchain-friendly?

Stress and relief

Joe Biden’s nomination today was greeted with fanfare and nervousness. After the invasion of the Capitol in Washington on January 6 , there was a bit of tension in the air. Eugene Goodman, a Capitol Police officer who single-handedly kept an angry group at bay, was there.

At the same time, some of the inauguration attendees expressed their relief when Joe Biden took the oath (eg singing, in the case of Lady Gaga and Jennifer Lopez).

US Vice President Mike Pence was also present at the inauguration, but former President Donald Trump was notably absent. The outgoing president was also widely regarded as anti-cryptocurrency . That said, Biden’s administration might be more sympathetic to cryptocurrencies.

Biden’s words

President Biden’s speech was addressed to a divided country. He notably called on Americans to unite as a nation to put an end to terrorism, racism and the demonization of American ideas.

He also asked them to put politics aside and support each other. The facts, he said, should inform lawmakers above all. Last but not least, he asked Americans to be open to new ideas and to listen to each other.

The president did not make specific comments on economic policy, but his tenure could also open up to new ideas like crypto. Some key members of his new administration were in favor of a blockchain-oriented future.

A crypto office

The new chairman of the SEC, Gary Gensler, knows more than a little about blockchain technology. He notably taught the subject of blockchain at MIT. Gensler has said several positive things about crypto, including calling Bitcoin “the modern version of gold.”

Despite some reservations, Janet Yellen, the new US Secretary of the Treasury, has shown interest in crypto, according to Forbes . During her confirmation hearing on January 19, 2021, Ms. Yellen was asked about cryptocurrencies.

While it hasn’t made any specific promises, the fight against cryptocurrency has seen several recent developments. Stopping the use of cryptocurrencies for criminal activity appears to be a major concern for her, not the rise of digital currencies themselves.

Recordvolume en ‚krankzinnig‘ verkeer breken de belangrijkste cryptocurrency-uitwisselingen

Beurzen blijven worstelen met schaal- en connectiviteitsproblemen, aangezien het volume elke dag nieuwe ATH’s bereikt in combinatie met de prijs van digitale activa.

De historische winsten van Bitcoin resulteren in constante problemen bij cryptocurrency-uitwisselingen

Op donderdag overtrof Bitcoin $ 40.000 en bood toen een koop de dipkans met een daling tot $ 36.550, maar mensen konden er geen gebruik van maken omdat ze geen toegang hadden tot de platforms. Vandaag bereikte BTC $ 41.960.

Op woensdag en donderdag ondervond Coinbase verbindingsproblemen .

“We zijn op de hoogte van en onderzoeken verbindingsproblemen op Coinbase en Coinbase Pro op zowel web- als mobiele apps. We werken er snel aan om de service weer normaal te maken ”, merkte de in San Francisco gevestigde beurs op, die vorige maand een IPO bij de SEC heeft aangevraagd met een paardenstaartwaardering van $ 28 miljard.

Dit is niet eens de eerste keer dat de cryptogemeenschap lang klaagt, zelfs vóór de bull run van 2017, hierover zonder enige oplossing

Een andere populaire cryptocurrency-uitwisseling, Binance , worstelt met vergelijkbare schaalproblemen. De CEO, Changpeng Zhao, beloofde meer servercapaciteit toe te voegen tijdens de storing in december.

Deze verstoringen op crypto-uitwisselingen zijn het gevolg van snelle prijsstijgingen die steeds meer verkeer naar hen trekken. Toen BTC in juni de mijlpaal van $ 10.000 brak, ervoer Coinbase een vervijfvoudiging van het verkeer in vier minuten.

Het Coinbase-verkeer is gestegen van 23,73 miljoen in oktober tot 47,97 miljoen in december, volgens Similar Web. In dezelfde tijd steeg het verkeer van Binance van 32,5 miljoen naar 56,27 miljoen.

Het volume op de beurzen heeft ook nieuwe records bereikt.

“Binance ondervindt ATH-volumes. Gebruikers kunnen wat vertraging oplopen als gevolg van extreme marktvolatiliteit, ” tweette de beurs vrijdag.

Market Wrap: Bitcoin si avvicina a $29K mentre il trader di opzioni Ether fa una scommessa a lungo termine

Il takeaway:

Bitcoin (BTC) in vendita a circa 28.775 dollari alle 21:00 UTC (4 p.m. ET). Guadagnando il 7,3% rispetto alle 24 ore precedenti.
L’intervallo di 24 ore di Bitcoin: da $26.796,90 a $28.969,90 (CoinDesk 20)
BTC supera le sue medie mobili di 10 e 50 ore, un segnale rialzista per i tecnici del mercato.

Un altro giorno, un altro massimo di tutti i tempi in bitcoin mentre la crittovaluta cambiava di mano fino a 28.969,90 dollari, secondo i dati compilati dal CoinDesk 20.

Il prezzo del Bitcoin ha iniziato la sua ascesa intorno alle 17:00 UTC (12:00 p.m. ET) di martedì e ha appena mollato, passando da 26.400 dollari all’orlo dei 29.000 dollari in sole 26 ore.

Secondo l’analista Alex Krüger, l’azione nel mercato obbligazionario ha stimolato i guadagni nelle valute criptate. „I tassi sono scesi nelle 48 ore che hanno portato alla pompa di ieri [di martedì]“, ha detto a CoinDesk. Lunedì, l’obbligazione statunitense a 10 anni ha fruttato lo 0,950%. Nel pomeriggio di mercoledì, era dello 0,926%.

Definendo l’azione di mercoledì un „mercato forte“, Chris Thomas, responsabile dell’asset digitale di Swissquote, ha detto che il prezzo di bitcoin „è stato spinto più in alto dai flussi di vendita al dettaglio“. Abbiamo visto pochi [investitori istituzionali] ma non troppi“, aggiungendo che „la maggior parte è in vacanza fino a lunedì prossimo“.

Volume Bitcoin, dicembre 2020.

E mentre Thomas ha detto che si aspettava che il mercato si muovesse di lato questa settimana, „il fatto che si sia spostato più in alto per me suggerisce che potremmo vedere un ritiro a breve termine“, ha detto.

I prezzi Bitcoin nel 2020: Ecco cosa è successo

„Bitcoin sta estendendo la sua tendenza parabolica al rialzo dopo il gapping up all’inizio della settimana di vacanza“, ha detto l’analista tecnica Katie Stockton, managing partner di Fairlead Strategies. „Il rally non ha nuovi segni di stanchezza da una prospettiva di ipercomprato / ipervenduto, e non c’è più alcuna resistenza per trattenere il bitcoin“.

Simile a Thomas di Swissquote, Stockton avverte che un ritiro è possibile e, se dovesse accadere, „il vuoto di lunedì sarà probabilmente colmato da una brusca inversione di tendenza“.

Nel frattempo, una serie di cattive notizie ha colpito l’XRP, mentre altri scambi annunciati si fermano nel trading della cripto-valuta che i regolatori statunitensi affermano essere un titolo. Genesis, di proprietà della società madre di CoinDesk DCG, ha annunciato la sospensione del trading e del prestito nell’XRP. Anche Binance sta sospendendo il trading XRP per i suoi clienti, a partire dal 13 gennaio. Il gettone è sceso del 3,5% nelle 24 ore precedenti la pubblicazione.

Occhi del trader $5.000 ETH entro settembre

L’Etere, la seconda più grande moneta criptovariabile per capitalizzazione di mercato, è stata in forte crescita venerdì e scambiata intorno ai 750 dollari. Questo segna un guadagno del 3,5% in 24 ore a partire dalle 21:00 UTC (4:00 p.m. ET).

Nonostante abbia raggiunto un massimo pluriennale, il trading sull’etere è stato più leggero della media di mercoledì. Solo 618 milioni di dollari di etere sono stati scambiati sulle otto borse monitorate nel CoinDesk 20 rispetto alla precedente media a sette giorni di 726 milioni di dollari.

Volume di etere, dicembre 2020.

Eppure, almeno un commerciante ha in programma un sorprendente rally nei mesi a venire. Su Deribit, la più grande borsa di opzioni criptate, qualcuno ha acquistato 153 contratti del settembre 2021 con uno strike di 5.000 dollari per un premio di circa 25 dollari ciascuno. Ciò significa che il trader ha scommesso circa 3.825 dollari che l’etere si riprenderà sette volte nel corso dei prossimi nove mesi. Le chiamate danno al proprietario il diritto, ma non l’obbligo, di acquistare l’attività sottostante (in questo caso, l’etere) ad un prezzo prestabilito in una data prestabilita.

I prezzi non devono necessariamente avvicinarsi a $5.000 per il trader per ottenere un profitto; un semplice picco di volatilità o anche un rally relativamente modesto potrebbe aumentare l’attuale bassa probabilità che le opzioni siano in the money, anche se di una percentuale molto piccola. Tuttavia, questo potrebbe essere appena sufficiente per far sì che la scommessa dia i suoi frutti. Per ora, però, ha lo stesso profilo di rischio di un gratta e vinci della lotteria.

Bloomberg analysts forecast the price of bitcoin to rise to $50,000 in 2021.

According to Bloomberg analysts, the price of bitcoin could rise to $50,000 in 2021.

„Bitcoin will maintain its upward trend in 2021. In our view, macroeconomic, technical, demand and supply indicators support the $50,000 target, which implies a market capitalisation of around $1 trillion,“ Bloomberg analysts wrote in their monthly report.

Demand and supply is now on the bull’s side, with only 900 new Crypto Cash scam coins mined per day, up from 1,800 BTC in 2017, and institutional involvement increasing. Open interest in the CME bitcoin futures market has exceeded $1 billion for the first time in history.

Analysts note that the value of assets managed by the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust recently exceeded $10 billion. The Trust has bought almost 70% of new BTCs produced since May 11, when the reward for the block’s production in the Bitcoin Network was halved.

According to analysts, central banks are unlikely to reduce or stop their economic stimulus programmes in the near future, which suggests that the upward trend will continue next year.

According to Bloomberg, historical data also shows growth to $50,000: „Growth in 2017 followed a decline in supply in 2016 to 1,800 coins per day. History is repeating itself as the recent passage of the Bitcoin to a new all-time high of $19,920 took place around seven months after halving on 11 May. A similar price movement occurred after halving in July 2016.

Although the odds are in favour of the bulls, Bitcoin is still threatened with a rapid drop in the event of a panic sale in global equity markets. Even so, however, analysts do not predict a fall below $10,000. „The $10,000 mark, which has been a resistance to the price of Bitcoin since 2017, has become a critical support level,“ the report

Facebook may soon allow Bitcoin to be purchased, says Jason Yanowitz

Facebook and Google may soon offer Bitcoin (BTC) purchasing and payment services.

PayPal is leading the way and is abandoning its waiting list for the purchase of cryptocurrencies.

Facebook and Google may soon offer Bitcoin buying services, says businessman Jason Yanowitz.

Facebook and Google adopt Bitcoin?

According to Jason Yanowitz, CEO of BlockWords Group, tech giants like Facebook and Google are likely to offer Bitcoin Evolution scam buying and payment services on their platform.

He said on Twitter:

Think PayPal is big news? Wait for Facebook and Google to allow their billions of users to buy bitcoin.

PayPal leads the way

On Friday, November 13, the payment giant announced it was dropping its waiting list for buying, holding and selling cryptocurrency in the United States. Thanks to this change, all US customers are now eligible to purchase cryptocurrency directly from their PayPal account.

In addition, the company decided to increase the authorized weekly purchase threshold to $ 20,000 instead of $ 10,000.

By next year, PayPal also plans to allow its users to make PayPal purchases with cryptocurrency. The payments giant plans to eventually make cryptocurrency payments available at 26 million merchants around the world.

Juan Ramon Rallo: „Bitcoin is a new counter-power to the onmnipotent states“.

The renowned Spanish economist spoke about Bitcoin and its position on taxes.

In a video titled Why the Government wants to increase its control over Bitcoin Era and which was presented within its Youtube channel, the famous Spanish economist Juan Ramón Rallo expressed to his audience his vision about the new tax reform that the Spanish government is making.

Referring precisely to this reform of the tax laws that, as we mentioned before in Cointelegraph, will focus, among other things, on the operations with crypto currencies that the Spanish have, Rallo expressed that this is a sign that the Spanish government is seeking to increase control over the assets of its citizens.

Given this scenario, the Austrian economist recalled that states, not only Spain, are currently in excessively high levels of debt and that this poses a „greater need for confiscation of the wealth of citizens“ in order to settle their accounts. „During the next decades we will go to a much more confiscatory tax regime because of its high levels of public debt,“ Rallo said about his visions for the future at the tax level.

U.S. Law Firm Says IRS Is Pursuing Coinbase Users Who Evade Tax

Bitcoin and its impossibility to confiscate

Faced with this scenario of increased „state confiscation“ of citizens, Rallo declares that we will see how „those assets that are resilient to state confiscation will be revalued,“ making reference to Bitcoin, which also mentioned that this lawsuit along with its limited emission system will make its price increase over time.

However, Rallo pointed out that he expects a Bitcoin that will be increasingly taxed, although he states that, given the impossibility of confiscating Bitcoin holdings, what is expected is to see the State convert Bitcoin „into the tax base to generate tax in Euros“.

Aussie Trump invests in Bitcoin, because it is the „millennial version of gold“.

„They’re trying to stop Bitcoin from being an escape route from state parasitism,“ Rallo later noted, although he clarified that governments can’t really tax Bitcoin holdings on their own, since the Bitcoin system is a pseudonym and needs the citizens themselves to communicate about their Bitcoin holdings.

„It’s an impotent call for the collaboration of the victim with the executioner,“ economist Rallo said almost at the end, to make clear the idea that the government needs the voluntary collaboration of the citizens, adding as a corollary that „Bitcoin is a new counter-power to the omnipotent states.

Fidelity Digital Assets lance une offre de garde à Singapour

Fidelity Digital Asset Services s’apprête à franchir de nouvelles frontières, car la société s’apprête à établir sa présence en Asie. En début de semaine, la société a annoncé un partenariat important qui lui permettra de s’implanter sur le continent asiatique, où elle espère améliorer considérablement sa clientèle.

Une alliance pour favoriser l’expansion

Fidelity Digital Asset Services est la branche crypto-centrée de Fidelity Investments, l’une des plus grandes sociétés de gestion d’actifs au monde. Comme Bloomberg l’a indiqué hier, la société pénètre maintenant le marché asiatique grâce à un partenariat avec Stack Funds – une start-up FinTech basée à Singapour.

Selon le rapport, ce partenariat permettra à Stack Funds de fournir un accès facile aux services de conservation de Fidelity. Fidelity a expliqué que ce changement faisait partie de sa mission de répondre à la demande croissante d’actifs cryptographiques de la part d’investisseurs de haut niveau dans la région.

Christopher Tyrer, responsable de Fidelity Digital Assets Europe, a expliqué que le partenariat avec Stack Funds leur permettrait de mieux évaluer le niveau de la demande de crypto sur le continent.

„Il existe un besoin critique de plateformes qui ont une compréhension approfondie de ce que les investisseurs locaux et régionaux recherchent a historiquement fait défaut dans l’espace des actifs numériques“, a-t-il ajouté.

Jusqu’à présent, le partenariat semble se concentrer sur la conformité, les Stack Funds ayant confirmé que tous les actifs en dépôt seront soumis à des audits et à des mesures de protection des investisseurs. L’entreprise semble aller jusqu’au bout de sa conviction que les investisseurs particuliers se familiarisent de plus en plus avec les cryptocurrences. Au début de ce mois, Fidelity a prévu dans un rapport que les investisseurs de détail porteront leur attention sur les monnaies numériques car les Bitcoins et autres actifs cryptés se développeront grâce aux médias sociaux.

Comme l’explique le rapport, les plateformes de communication et de médias sociaux, en particulier Twitter, Telegram, Reddit et YouTube, favorisent l’adoption de Bitcoin par les particuliers. En diffusant des informations et des conseils financiers rapidement et de manière virale, elles sont plus efficaces que les médias traditionnels pour informer les gens sur les avantages des actifs numériques.

„Alors que cette nouvelle vague d’investisseurs de détail se familiarise avec ces canaux, une partie de leur attention se portera sans aucun doute sur Bitcoin et d’autres actifs numériques“, souligne le rapport.

L’industrie se tourne vers l’Asie

Que cela soit vrai ou non, l’industrie de la cryptographie semble maintenant se concentrer davantage sur le marché asiatique. La semaine dernière, la bourse américaine de crypto Kraken a annoncé qu’elle avait lancé le financement et le commerce de crypto au Japon dans le cadre de son expansion dans la région Asie-Pacifique. Comme l’explique un billet de blog, Kraken a lancé le commerce au comptant de Bitcoin, XRP, Ether, Litecoin et Bitcoin Cash pour les résidents japonais. Ces traders ont désormais accès aux paires crypto-crypto et JPY.

La bourse Gemini a également fait d’importants progrès dans la région. Selon une annonce faite au début du mois, la société a confirmé qu’elle avait engagé Andy Meehan, un ancien cadre du géant de la banque d’investissement Morgan Stanley, pour diriger ses activités de conformité dans la région Asie-Pacifique.

Meehan était l’ancien directeur juridique de la division des crimes financiers de Morgan Stanley dans la région. Aujourd’hui, il va contribuer à façonner la stratégie, les opérations et le produit de Gemini. Il travaillera depuis le bureau de Singapour de la société et répondra au nouveau directeur général de la société pour l’Asie-Pacifique, Jeremy Ng.

Bitcoin Test $13.6K come DeFi Valore totale bloccato sotto $11B

Market Wrap: Bitcoin Test $13.6K come DeFi Valore totale bloccato sotto $11B

Bitcoin ha chiuso la settimana più debole, mentre la DeFi ha chiuso a chiave.

  • Bitcoin (BTC) ha scambiato circa 13.354 dollari alle 20:00 UTC (4 p.m. ET). Guadagnando lo 0,14% nelle 24 ore precedenti.
  • L’intervallo di 24 ore di Bitcoin: $13.191-$13.663
  • BTC supera le sue medie mobili a 10 e 50 giorni, un segnale rialzista per i tecnici del mercato.

Il prezzo del bitcoin è stato in grado di far salire il prezzo fino a 13.663 dollari venerdì, secondo i dati di CoinDesk 20. Tuttavia, la più vecchia moneta criptata Crypto Cash del mondo ha successivamente perso un po‘ di vigore e si è attestata a 13.354 dollari al momento della stampa.

Per saperne di più: Deribit vede registrare il volume delle opzioni Bitcoin come attività in $36.000 chiamate con un aumento delle chiamate di 36.000 dollari

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Michaeal Gord, amministratore delegato della società di trading Global Digital Assets, ha detto che si aspetta che il mercato bitcoin si raffreddi in anticipo rispetto ai fondamentali incerti della prossima settimana. „Penso che probabilmente rimarremo in disparte fino alle elezioni presidenziali [del 3 novembre], con la maggior parte degli investitori in attesa“, ha detto.

Tuttavia, Gord ha detto che prevede che le cose si risolleveranno in mezzo ai problemi del coronavirus sull’economia globale.

„Mentre sempre più paesi entrano in un secondo blocco, i governi dovranno stampare più valuta fiat per mantenere a galla le loro economie, cosa che mi aspetto si traduca in una crescente domanda di attività alternative nelle prossime settimane“, ha detto.

I volumi delle principali borse a pronti USD/BTC si stanno profilando come superiori alla media dell’ultimo mese di venerdì. Il volume medio giornaliero è stato di 494.925,493 dollari negli ultimi 30 giorni, mentre venerdì è stato di 700.217.632 dollari al momento della stampa.
Volumi USD/BTC sulle principali borse nell’ultimo mese.
Fonte: Ricerca Shuai Hao/CoinDesk

Mentre volumi più alti della media potrebbero indicare un potenziale movimento al rialzo dei prezzi, è possibile che le azioni prendano il primo posto nel modo in cui il bitcoin si comporta nel breve termine.

„Per la maggior parte della pandemia, BTC è rimasta correlata alle azioni“, ha osservato Andrew Ballinger, un analista di investimenti presso la società di crittografia Wave Financial. In effetti, le correlazioni tra bitcoin e l’S&P 500 sembrano essere in aumento, poiché le vendite di azioni o i giorni tiepidi hanno avuto un impatto sul mercato della crittovalutazione.
Ricerca Shuai Hao/CoinDesk
La correlazione di 90 giorni di Bitcoin con l’indice S&P 500 nel 2020.
Fonte: Ricerca Shuai Hao/CoinDesk

„Non sarei del tutto onesto se dicessi che non credo che un forte calo delle azioni non avrebbe alcun effetto sull’economia digitale ancora nascente“, ha aggiunto Ballinger. I principali indici azionari sono in rosso venerdì.